The Juice Cleanse Everyone's Talking About!

3,5 and 7 day cleanses. Each day you will consume a Green Drink, 2 Shakes and 1 delicious Specialty Drink!

Jubilee's Green Drink

Jubilee's Pine-Apple Splash Specialty Drink

Jubilee's Power-Up Shake

Not only does this drink give your digestive system a break it also gets rid of harmful toxins and cleanses vital organs! What will you see and experience during the cleanse? Weight loss, better sleep and an increase of energy!


Ingredients: Kale,Collard Greens, Apple, Green leaf  Lettuce and Pear. 

This delicious protein is packed with multi-vitamins and provides live probiotics and enzymes. Our tasty protein shake will leave you feeling full and satisfied! 


Ingredients: Raw Protein (sprouted, brown rice)


This drink is made up of are Just drinks mixed all together to give your taste buds a treat during your detox!


Ingredients: Apple, Pear and Pineapple




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Jubilee Cleansing Instructions

Hi!  We’re so glad you decided to cleanse with Jubilee Juices.  Doing a juice cleanse can help unleash the natural healing power  of your body by riding built up toxins. The juices flood your  system with powerful nutrients and antioxidants. It may be the  first step toward a long­lasting lifestyle change, or jump starting  a weight­loss regimen by helping to retrain your taste buds as  well as psychological connection to food. 


Instructions: Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Consume 1­64 oz green drink a day.

Have 8­-10oz of the specialty drink daily anytime before 5:00pm  or you can have 4­5 oz twice daily before 5:00pm.


1.  Start each morning with at least 1 glass of water 

2.  9:00am have 12­-16 oz of green drink 3.  11:00am mix protein  with 6oz of water

4.  1:00pm have 12­-16 oz of green drink  5.  3:00pm mix protein with 6oz of water 

6:  5:00pm have 12­-16 oz of green drink 

7:  7:00pm have 12-­16 oz of green drink

Happy Cleansing!




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